Monday, September 3, 2012

(122)The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom

The Time Keeper 

Publication Date: September 4, 2012
Pages: 240

This Summer has been a bit of a reality check for me.  I am not as young as I used to be and I have been extremely nostalgic.  I guess turning thirty-seven can do that to you.  Make you long for days gone by and wish that you can turn back time.  Don't misunderstand, I LOVE the life I have, I just sometimes wish that my hair wasn't going grey and that I had a few less aches and pains.  Well, Mitch Albom addresses our general overwhelming urge to take time for granted. 

The Time Keeper is a quick little book about three people, there is the man who was banished for all of eternity for trying to measure God's greatest gift, the man you know as Father Time.  We also meet Victor, a wealthy businessman who has terminal cancer, he is exploring all of his options and that includes cryogenics.  And finally, there is Sarah.  A teenager who is humiliated when the boy she likes posts some derogatory things about her on Facebook.  She believes that life is no longer worth living and plans her suicide for New Years Eve.  Father Time is given a chance to escape his prison and redeem himself, but he must teach two people about the importance of God's Greatest Gift.   Will his lessons for Victor and Sarah have the impact required to release him from his prison?

Mitch Albom has made his living writing fantastic little novels that pack a rather large punch.  The Time Keeper just continues the tradition.  The lesson that Father Time was trying to teach Victor and Sarah is that God gave us an infinite amount of time on this planet so that we are sure to treasure each and every moment. If we were to become immortal, what is there to make us treasure each new day that comes? Father Time tries to get his message across in an "Scrooge" kind of way, but it just adds to the "feel" of the novel. 

Bottom line, The Time Keeper is a quick little novel that feels as if it were right out of a Fairy Tale.  I learned a lesson that was much needed at this time in my life.  Memories are nice to have and revisit, but it is important to cherish each and every day as if it were your last.


Sara Bell said...

I think we can all stand to keep that lesson in mind!

Anonymous said...

Hi can you please send me good quotes from the book? What are your favorite lines? The book is not yet available here in my country :( thank you so much for your kindness! :D

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