Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(119)Little Night by Luanne Rice

Little Night 

Pages: 336
Publication Date: June 5, 2012

While growing up sisters Anne and Clare were close as close could be.  They escaped their less than happy childhood by exploring their historical home and sharing their hopes and dreams for the future.  Flash forward to their early twenties.  Anne has married a man, a cruel man,  from Denmark.  When Clare witnesses Frederick's cruelty first hand she violently rushes to defend and protect her sister.  Clare is arrested for her actions and because her sister lies to protect her husband, Clare goes to prison.

Fast forward twenty years.  Clare and Anne have no relationship at all.  Clare has no relationship with her niece and nephew and she feels the hole in her heart that is reserved for them.  Until one day Clare's twenty-one year old niece, Grit, shows up on her doorstep.  Clare welcomes her niece with open arms and is crushed to learn that her sister's life has never improved from that fateful night that tore them apart. Will Clare and Anne ever reunite as sisters or is there family forever torn apart?

Little Night was a good read, but reading about Anne's behavior towards not only Clare, but Grit as well, just had my blood boiling. I understand being loyal to your husband, but at the cost of your children is just NOT acceptable to me.  I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Grit and Clare blossom.  The unconditional love that Clare gives Grit made my eyes leak, especially knowing how badly Grit needed that kind of love.

Bottom line, Little Night , is a touching novel about family bonds and the sacrifices some people are willing to make for their families. No matter what the cost.  If you are looking for a good "drama" type novel, then you won't be disappointed in Little Night.


Willa said...

Sounds like a really interesting book! Thanks for reviewing it. New follower by the way :-)

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