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(105)Behaving Badly by Isabel Wolff

Behaving Badly

Publication Date: October 18, 2011
Pages: 384

Miranda Sweet has taken the skills that she learned as a Veterinarian and has opened her own practice as an Animal Behaviorist.   She finds herself getting increasingly busy and is making a "house-call" when she discovers that it is the house of her very first boyfriend, Jimmy.  Miranda immediately is taken back to the youthful indiscretion that seriously injured another person and has haunted her everyday since then.

After seeing Jimmy the guilt just starts eating away at Miranda and she decides to seek out the man she injured in hopes of making restitution.  Or at the very least an apology.   What she did not expect was to find a very handsome, very successful photographer who seems like a "Knight in Shining Armor" compared to the long line of losers that she has dated ever since Jimmy.  The more time she spends with David, the more she finds herself falling for him and the harder it is to tell him the truth about their connection and that day so many years ago.  Will she ever be brave enough to tell David the truth?  And what will happen if/when she does?

As a dog person I found myself really enjoying Behaving Badly. Before I get too far into my review, let me just say that the dog on the cover is NOT the same breed as the dog that is Miranda's faithful companion.  Her Doxie, Herman, the complete opposite of the dog shown on the cover!  Silly Art Directors need to READ the books they are creating covers for, at the very least read the synopsis!  Having said that, I will say that Miranda Sweet is such a compassionate character.  Even though she took part in a violent act, she was just another young girl who had been led astray by a bad boyfriend and that made it so much easier to "forgive" her for her transgressions. She has an eclectic group of people in her "circle" and they just added to the unique story and you find yourself rooting for her and her happiness.

Bottom line, animal lovers are going to love Behaving Badly!  The animals are just as much a part of the story as Miranda and her family/friends.  And even better, the animals have "problems" that any pet owner can relate to rather easily.   But animals aside, the relationship between Miranda and David is fun to watch develop and you desperately want Miranda to get her "Happily Ever After", but does she get what she wants?  You will have to read Behaving Badly to find out!


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