Wednesday, June 6, 2012

(81)Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews

 Spring Fever

Publication Date: June 5, 2012
Pages: 416

Annajane Hudgens is sitting AT the wedding of her ex-husband when she has a major realization.  *Gasp* She might not be completely over him yet.   Not too long after that thought crosses her mind is the wedding stopped due to the flower girl, and the groom's daughter, getting sick.  Is it a sign that  she should rethink her own engagement and reevaluate her relationship with Mason?

Spring Fever is set in the North Carolina company town of Passcoe.  Everyone has some sort of connection to Quixie, the soft drink company that is owned by Mason's family.  Annajane is no different.  She grew up with her parents working for Quixie and as a young child she became lifelong best friends with Pokey, the Bayless daughter.  As they grew from young girls to young women Annajane falls in love with Mason and eventually becomes not only his bride, but the director of marketing for Quixie.  Five years ago, though, their marriage fell apart. Even though they were divorced, Annajane remained an important part of the Bayless family and their company.  Now they both are moving on with their lives and Annajane will be leaving the company and Passcoe.   As Mason is on the verge of marrying Ceclia, Annajane discovers that Celia may have less than honorable reasons for marrying Mason.  Will she be able to convince Mason that Celia is dangerous without sounding like the bitter ex-wife?

Sping Fever is your typical Mary Kay Andrews novel.  Fun, fluffy, set in the South, and everything you have come to expect from a Beach Read.  I really enjoyed Annajane as a character.  And as someone who had unresolved issues with an ex (I married mine, but I can't tell you what happens to Annajane) I could really relate with her character.  Ceila, on the other hand, was your stereotypical evil bitch.  Her character was very cliche, but that did not stop me from the whole "love to hate her" kind of feelings.

Bottom line - Mary Kay Andrews has made a name for herself as a "Beach Read Author" - her books are always out in the summer and always feature female characters going through some sort of transition.   Her books aren't ever going to win literary awards, but they are an entertaining means of escape.  And, in my opinion, if a book has done that, then it is a success.


Sara Bell said...

This one makes me think of a cute little twist on the Reese Witherspoon movie Sweet Home Alabama. =]

Kate said...

HI, love the blog!! I found you over on Book Blogs and followed via GFC. I would love it if you could check out my blog:

Thanks, Kate.

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