Monday, May 21, 2012

(70)Two Kisses for Maddy by Matthew Logelin

Two Kisses for Maddy

Publication Date: April 14, 2011
Pages: 272

Disclaimer: After my own adventures in parenting last night I am exhausted to the core and thus extremely emotional.

Matthew Logelin was a bit nervous about becoming a first time Father.  He knew though, that with his wife, Liz, by his side they would be just fine and their child would have a perfectly happy, normal childhood.   But almost from the start, Liz had problems with the pregnancy.  She was put on bed rest and eventually put in the hospital for the final weeks of the pregnancy.  On March 24, 2008 Madeline Logelin made her appearance and twenty-seven hours later Liz was dead. Killed by a pulmonary embolism that threw a clot and killed her.

(This is where I sobbed uncontrollably)

With the help of his close family and friends, Matthew makes it through those first days after his wife passed away.  He continued his blog that he originally started to document their travels and then used the blog to keep their family and friends updated on Liz's pregnancy.   As he continued blogging about Maddy's first year of life and their life without Liz that he realized he had a whole community of people out there to help him with the struggles of parenthood.    What Matthew realizes through the grieving process is that while  Liz is gone, her memory will live on through Maddy and the foundation he created in her memory.

Two Kisses for Maddy was an emotional read for me and I think that is because I could really feel his anguish.  Mr. Logelin was very honest about the range of emotions that he went through in the initial days after Maddy's birth.   He is very liberal with the use of the "f" word - but I can not fault him for that.  If I were in his situation I would be using that word and more during my grieving process.

Bottom line, while this book is a memoir, it is also a love story.  The love story of Matthew and Liz as well as their love for Maddy. Both before and after she was born.  It might be a tough read emotionally for some, but I think it is worth the read.


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