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(64)Die For You by Lisa Unger

Die For You 

Publication Date: July 27, 2010

Isabel Raine woke up one morning thinking that her life was perfect.  She is an successful author who is married to the handsome, successful, Marcus. Their five year marriage has had it's ups and downs, but they are in a good place right now and she is happy.   Until Marcus doesn't come home from work that night.   Isabel spends the whole night worrying about the reasons why Marcus doesn't come home and when the morning comes she goes to his office.  If anyone knows where Marcus is, it will be his business partner. She couldn't be more wrong.

It is while Isabel is sitting at Marcus's desk looking for any clue to his whereabouts that the FBI raid the office and take away his partner in handcuffs. And the next thing she knows she is waking up in the hospital with her sister and her family by her side and a detective waiting to talk to her.  Her husband is gone.  Her money is gone.  Her sister's money is gone.  And the man that she is married to turns out to be someone that she never really knew at all.   But what Marcus doesn't expect is that Isabel won't give up.  She will not just let him run off in the night.  She will follow him to all ends of the earth, not for true love, but for her sister's money.  No one messes with her family.  Will she find Marcus even though the police can't?  And will she be able to get the money back?

Die For You was exactly what I needed.  An audio-book for the treadmill that keeps my mind engaged enough that I don't realize how long I have been exercising.   It was a well written suspense novel that did exactly what it was supposed to do.  It kept me in suspense.  I also really enjoyed the secondary plot of Isabel's sister, Linda and her husband, Eric.  The fact that their relation was at the brink of no return, kind of like Isabel's but the outcome was so very different.  

Bottom line, a very enjoyable suspense novel if you like that kind of thing.  And you know I do!


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