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(55)Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins

Somebody to Love 
by Kristan Higgins

Publication Date: April 24, 2012
Pages: 432

Even though Parker Harrington Welles is a successful children's author, she is glad that the series is finally over.  Yes, the series has made a lot of money for charity, after-all, she has a trust fund to live off of and didn't need the money.  But even with all of the money raised for charity, she is so over having the Holy Rollers (the characters in her books) creeping into her every thought and every corner of her life.

She is in the process of  trying to figure out what to do next when she receives word that her trust fund is gone. Her father has lost all of her money and all of  her son's money to an insider trading scandal.  While he knows where he is going to live for the next six years, (prison), Parker has no idea what she and her young son will do without money, without a home, and without a job.   Her father's lawyer, (fondly referred to as Thing One) reminds her that a deceased Aunt has left her a summer property in Maine.  While her son is on vacation with his dad, she can just zip up to Maine & prepare the house to sell.  That should solve all of her problems, right?

Kristan Higgin's does not write hard hitting literary fiction.  She writes novels about women who are real.  They are unique in their own ways, but I can promise you this, whenever you pick up one of her novels you will laugh out loud.  This time it was Parker's little run in with the police that had me laughing so hard I got funny looks from my family.  But I also chuckled several times at the "Thing One" and appearances by the  Holy Rollers.  Over the course of the novel, "Thing One" goes from being her father's flunky sent to help her to the "hot" man doing construction work on her house.   I really enjoyed seeing the way Parker views of James slowly shift.  And I enjoyed the way Parker went from stressed by her situation to content and accepting of the situation.

Bottom line, Somebody to Love, is a "girl power" book at it's finest. The characters are fun, the story is interesting, and the romance is steamy, but not excessively so. If you are looking for a fun escape pick up this book, or any Kristan Higgins book, and enjoy a few hours of escapism.


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