Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(47)Paris in Love by Eloisa James

Paris in Love

Publication Date: April 3, 2012
Pages: 272

I have  never been outside of the United States, heck, I have hardly ever left the "Flyover States" - but in my own little twisted way, I consider myself "well traveled" because of my love for reading books set outside of the United States.  Most specifically Europe.

When I heard that Bestselling  Romance Author, Eloisa James, was writing a memoir about her year of living abroad in Paris, I was excited at the prospect of seeing Paris through her eyes.  I was even more intrigued after reading the introduction and discovering that the book is a compilation of all of her Tweets and Facebook posts from her time in Paris.  Some have been expanded into short essays, but for the most part, the book is little snippets of her life as seen on Facebook and Twitter.  And I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed that style.   From the cuisine, to the struggles with her children and their schooling, to the beautiful sites.  Eloisa James holds nothing back about what life in Paris is like for an Ex-Pat.

For those of you who don't know (I know I didn't) Eloisa James is a Harvard graduate and has a PHD from Yale. How impressive is THAT?  She also teaches creative writing at Fordham University in NYC and  writes a monthly column for the BN Review. She is also "Mom" to two kids & a dog. This woman is the very definition of  "Busy", is it any wonder that she wanted to take a year long sabbatical in Paris?

Because of the style in which it is written, Paris in Love, is a fast read, but it is so worth the read.  Even with quick  snippets, I think we get a fairly accurate depiction of what life is like living in Paris.  And let me tell you, it totally made me rethink the quality of my Facebook/Twitter posts.  But then again, I am not a Harvard grad, so maybe you can forgive me?


Sara Bell said...

I think I'd really like this one. Added it to my list! =]

Sam (Tiny Library) said...

I really want to read this one!
Living in the UK, international travel is a lot easier and I've been to Paris a few times. It's a gorgeous city :)

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