Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - The Great Salt Lake


Sara Bell said...

Beautiful! My husband and I are moving to Casper in May so I have been loving these Worless Wednesday posts to get a feel for the area. I always pictured Wyoming as flat and dry... well, a flyover state... but your pictures have shown me otherwise and I'm really excited to go exploring there!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

OH MAN!!! I *love* Casper and am so jealous that I won't be there to meet you! Both my husband & I work for Casper based offices so maybe one of the times we get back we can meet. We hope to be back to Casper permanently in about five years. It is a BEAUTIFUL city - and the people are so stinking nice.

Sara Bell said...

So sorry, I just remembered I had commented and am just now coming back to read your reply! That would have been lovely. I would have just given you my debit card and sent you into a bookstore for me. =P
I'm excited to hear everyone is so nice! I've admittedly been to a few places that just weren't very nice. I can't wait to see so many different things, but even the town itself looks lovely!

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