Monday, February 6, 2012

(15)Spin by Catherine McKenzie


Publication Date: February 7, 2012
Pages: 448

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Kate Sandford has pretty much been floundering ever since college. Here she is on the verge of her 30th birthday, yet her roommate and some of her friends think that she is still a struggling college student.  It is Kate's only way to justify the way she lives.  In reality she is a struggling writer who wants nothing more than to write for the premier music magazine, The Line.  She catches a huge break when she lands an interview on her 30th birthday.  She is determined to land this job, but when her friends invite her out to celebrate her birthday the night before the interview she goes and is still drunk for her interview.

But wait.  Just when Kate thinks that the time has come to shuck her dreams and take an administrative position she gets a call back from The Line.  They have a gig for her, a 30 day gig.  They want her to go to rehab, the same rehab as "The Girl Next Door", Amber and write an expose on the hard partying movie star.  If it goes well, The Line will hire Kate permanently. Sounds perfect, right? What Kate doesn't expect is that she grows to like Amber and learns a lot about her own faults while in rehab.  Will she be able to turn in the expose to get everything she ever wanted or will Kate discover that some things in life are more important?

I really enjoyed Spin.  It was such a unique "Spin" to the Chick Lit genre.  I enjoyed reading about Kate's own self discoveries while in rehab.  Her own personal growth was probably the most I have ever seen in a Chick Lit novel and while the subject matter was tough, the realization was refreshing.  If you looking for something unique to read, give Spin a chance.  I think you will enjoy this one!


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