Monday, January 9, 2012

(2)The Innocent by Taylor Stevens

The Innocent

Publication Date: December 27, 2011
Page: 352

There has never been a better time for Literary Heroines than now.  There have never been such bad-ass characters such as Elisbeth Salander and Vanessa "Michael" Munroe .  They are as smart as they come and have combat skills that us suburban housewives could only dream about.  The newest Vanessa "Michael" Munroe novel only proves that point.

The Innocent finds Michael living, no - make that existing, in Morocco with Noah, a name you will remember from The Informationist. Her old friend, Logan, (another name you should recognize) has come for a visit. But Munroe knows that he is there for more than catching up on old times. He wants a favor. A big favor.  A favor which involves her going to South America to retrieve a young girl from a cult.  Because it is Logan she agrees. After a stopover in New York City to pick up Miles Bradford and meet the other people in Logan's "family," Munroe, Bradford, Logan and his friends head to South America.  It is during surveillance that Munroe realizes that they are not just dealing with your average cult.  This one has ties to a South American mafia family and have sinister plans for the young women in the family.  Even without Logan's involvement Munroe has decided she will stop at nothing to free Hannah from the cult's clutches.  Will she succeed or will her own demons keep her from doing her best work.

I must say that I enjoyed The Innocent even more than the first book in the series. I will say that if you have not read The Informationist, you will want to read it before reading The Innocent.  The first book really gives you the necessary background information of Munroe and her friends.  The Innocent goes even further into Munroe's past, though, and you really get an understanding for why Munroe is the way she is today.  I will also say that there is a development in her relationship with Miles that changed the way I felt about both of them.  I won't say good or bad, but I will say that it DOES change things.

If you liked The Informationist, you will like The Innocent.  I really felt like we got to go further into the mind of Munroe, and while it may have been a bit frightening, it was totally fascinating.  And that is why I will eagerly await the next book in the series.


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