Monday, October 24, 2011

(166)Wyoming Tough by Diana Palmer

Wyoming Tough

Publication Date: October 25, 2011
320 Pages

The first time I read a novel by Diana Palmer I was fourteen and had sneaked it out of the bag of giveaway books my Grandma had sitting by the front door.  That started my love affair with Diana Palmer and Harlequin Romance novels.

It has been a long time since I have read a book by Diana Palmer, but when I saw the title "Wyoming Tough" - I just had to see what it was about.  Having just spent eighteen months living in Wyoming and becoming pretty good friends with one of the largest ranch owners in the entire state, well I wanted to see how accurate the book was.  And then I remembered, it is a Harlequin Romance novel and I needed to lower my expectations. LOL.

Morie Brannt has set off for Wyoming to prove to her wealthy rancher of a father that she can handle ranch life.  She was hired as a ranch hand by wealthy rancher, Mallory Kirk.  She quickly becomes one of the most liked ranch hands they have, but Mallory's gold digger girlfriend will do anything possible to get rid of Morie.  Including framing her for theft.  Will Mallory see through his girlfriend's accusations or will he ignore what his heart is telling him and have Morie arrested.

Well, I must say that I have got to stop picking up books that are set in Wyoming just because they are set in Wyoming and I miss that beautiful state.  Diana Palmer has her place in my memory as an author that fostered my love of reading, but that is where she needs to stay, in my memory.  Wyoming Tough was so predictable that it was laughable. And the "love scenes" weren't really any steamier than your average novel. Bottom line, next time I mention reading a beloved author from my past, stop me and refer me back to this post.  Thank you in advance.


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