Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is what I did today...

Do you remember last year when we moved to Wyoming?  I blogged about The A Team. When we moved I created three piles.  The A team, the books that made the move from Kansas City to Casper in the car.  The B team, the books that I had to leave in storage in KC, and the C team.  The group of books that I gave away.

Well since then we have moved again, this time to Utah.  My In-Law's came out last weekend to visit and brought the rest of our stuff from KC.  Including about twelve boxes of books.  The B Team.

So the Husband and I bought a couple more bookcases and he put them together for me last night.  I started this morning about 8:30am and finished shortly after five.  Only stopping to eat lunch.  I rearranged and divided out my books. I had books fall on me.  I had a bookshelf (the YA shelf) completely disintegrate and I ended up salvaging some of it, but only after turning it upside down.  But it is DONE!

 I have a Hardcover bookshelf, completely alphabetized.  I have a trade paperback shelf, completely alphabetized.  I have a YA shelf for the kids, not alphabetized, but sorted by author and age.   And I have my Mass Market Paperback shelves.  Loosely alphabetized, but organized so that all books by an author are grouped together and not just piled on the shelf.   Here are the pictures, taken with my cell phone, so I apologize for the quality.

Before the project today. 

In Progress. 

Trade Paperbacks, Hardcovers & the YA Shelves.

The Mass Market Paperbacks

The Comfy Couch in the library. 


Melissa said...

Love it! Looks great!

Sara Bell said...

That's so much work, go you! I recently got rid of a lot of books too... well, I say a lot, but probably chump change to you. Almost 50.

Holli said...

It looks really good!!

Anonymous said...

I am showing these photos to my boyfriend so he stops commenting on how many books I own.

Mimi said...

No one expects the comfy couch...
Looks fabulous! Good job!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Thanks guys! I was unbelievably sore yesterday. My body is no longer used to crouching to shelve books or haul around boxes of books.

BUT it was all worth it, there is nothing like the satisfaction of completing a project of that magnitude.

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