Sunday, August 21, 2011

(134)Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler by Wade Rouse

Confessions of Prep School Mommy Handler

Published August 12, 2008
272 Pages

Here is that "Prep School" fascination of mine rearing it's ugly head once again! This time we see the other side of the story. We get to hear from author Wade Rouse how he survived (barely) his time as a Director of Public Relations for an upscale suburban Prep School that he has labeled "Tate".

Wade regales us with tales of the Mean Mommies (M2) and their reign over the school. His job was to keep them happy. To run interference for the Administration and teachers so they could focus on educating the little darlings and not have to worry about "Helicopter Moms". He was hired to be a "Mommy Handler". And boy-o, does he have some horrific stories.

Most of Wade's stories feature "Mean Mommy", Kitsy. She is horrific in the most animated of ways. From demanding that Wade dress in a red unitard on Valentines Day (he got out of that one) to requiring that they dress as Ronnie and Nancy Reagan for Halloween (he did not get out of that one) she ruled his life with an iron fist. From her backhanded compliments to her completely outrageous demands she made his life a living hell. It would have been funny if it weren't so sad.

Of course Wade writes a wonderfully witty book, but I gasped out loud more than I laughed. The behavior reported by Wade was so ghastly that it almost seemed unbelievable. But having worked retail for nearly 20 years, I know that it was all too true. As the school year progresses we watch Wade struggle with the battle of good vs evil. Does he do his job and cater to this over-privileged bitchy women or does he go with his heart and do the right thing when it matters the most?

While not as funny as other books, Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler gave me my "prep school" fix and gave me that voyeuristic look at a world of wealth that I will never know. The book was an incredibly fast read and perfect for that brief escape from daily life that I look for when reading a book!

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I remember the carefree summer days when I used to ride my bike to the public library to pick out new books. I would go almost daily to find books to read. I read to learn. I read to explore the world. I read to escape. I read because not reading is not an option.

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