Tuesday, August 9, 2011

(130)The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

I used to read every book ever written by Julie Garwood. She is one of those author's that I would pick up at the used bookstore on a Saturday morning and finish reading them by Saturday night.

The Ideal Man brings back those memories! I started reading it on a cool Saturday morning and finished it by 3:30 that afternoon.

Dr. Ellie Sullivan had just finished a long, grueling shift at a St. Louis hospital when she decides to go for a run in the adjacent park. That decision sparks a series of events that gets Ellie caught up in the middle of an FBI investigation and brings up memories from her past that are better left in the past. It also brings FBI Agent Max Daniels into her life. Max has made it his personal mission to keep Ellie safe and in the process he falls in love with her. Hopefully they will be able to put the bad guys in jail before they ruin their chance at happiness.

The Ideal Man was a fun, suspenseful, romance novel. While a bit predictable, I really liked the characters. Not only Ellie & Max, but her parents and of course Ellie's sister Ava, who is one of those characters we all love to hate. Basically the perfect afternoon read.


Megan said...

I haven't read any of her books. I'll check her out at the library tonight!

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