Monday, July 4, 2011

(125)Missing by Lindsay Harrison

Publication Date : August 2, 2011
240 Pages

Missing is the story of Lindsay Harrison and her mother who went missing in 2006. Lindsay was a student at Brown when she received a phone call from her older brother telling her that their mother never showed up to work and was missing. To say Lindsay was stunned is a bit of an understatement. She returns home where her and her two brothers spend 40 days searching for their mother before her body is discovered at the bottom of the bay.

Missing is a memoir born out of grief. Linds is so torn up over the loss of her mother she deals with her grief in destructive ways. But I am not going to judge. I can not even begin to imagine what it was like to go through what she did. Even though we live a thousand miles apart, my mom is an important part of my daily life. I can not say what I would do if I were in that situation.

Grief is such a powerful and personal emotion. Lindsay Harrison shares her grief with us in a gripping and emotional memoir. I enjoyed it as much as a person can given the circumstances. And I hope that writing this book helped Linds move one step closer to peace.


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