Thursday, July 21, 2011

(114)A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard

by Jaycee Dugard

Publication Date: July 5. 2011
198 Pages.

We all know who Jaycee Lee Dugard is. Either you have heard the name in passing associated with her recovery. Or you remember the details surrounding her kidnapping and praying for her safety all those years ago.

I was one of the former. I was young and self-involved when she was kidnapped and remember very little about the details of her kidnapping. And even she was found I was like, "Oh cool, good for her". I didn't really give it much thought. And then I saw her interview with Diane Sawyer and thought, I am going to buy her book. I am going to buy hundreds of her book (not really, but you get the sentiment) I want to do whatever I can do to show my support and admiration for such an amazing woman.

A Stolen Life is NOT an easy read. It is horrific by nature and more graphic than any novel you will read. And throughout the first chapters as she tells us in horrific detail what it was like to lose her virginity to this monster at the age of eleven. All I could think of is that my Step-Daughter is eleven. And I would *kill* any man who hurt her like that. Even if it took eighteen years, I would *kill* him.

A Stolen Life is also a bit difficult to read from a grammatical standpoint. There is very little editing (THANK YOU Simon & Schuster). The editors let Jaycee tell her story in HER words. As she has only a fifth grade education, I think she did a damn fine job. At the end of each chapter she gives us her reflections on what she just wrote and some insight to her current life. She also goes into detail as to the "team" that surrounds them now and has been with them since that day they were "found". It is fascinating to read about the support that they have. By her own admission they are a blessing and I am glad they are there for her.

One final note. In a very admirable move, Jaycee has taken great pains to protect the privacy of her daughters as much as possible. She only calls them by their first initials in the book and other than baby pictures, you never see their face. They all have a long road ahead of them, but I believe that Jaycee is a strong, wise young woman who will guide them down the right path.


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