Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(100) Dominance by Will Lavender

Look at this <--- cover. For some reason it really fascinates me. It is one of those covers that just absolutely speaks to the subject of the book. Dominance is a dark, puzzling, literary thriller.

Dominance is about of group of students gathered for a night class in 1994, the class, Unraveling a Literary Mystery. Their instructor is Richard Aldiss, a convicted felon, convicted of murdering two of his students in 1982 is teaching the class from his prison cell. That class in 1994 changed life for all of them. It is now present day and the class has been brought together again because one of them has been murdered. Just like those two students all those years ago. Who is behind the murder? It has to be one of them. Or is it Richard Aldiss who was exonerated of his crime? Alex Shipley is determined to find out before she loses another classmate or her own life.

Dominance is truly a literary mystery, a puzzle unraveling with each chapter. With each page the reader gets a little bit more revealed to them and "the game" sucks you in a way that makes you a part of the novel. The book flashes back and forth from 1994 to present day. And each time there is a "switch" in time you go "aarrrgh!" because you want to stay in that year to figure out what happens, it is the element that hooks the reader into never putting the book down until the last page has been read.

I really liked Dominance. The literary twists and turns had me so engrossed in this book that I really didn't want to stop reading until it was over. I enjoyed it so much that I downloaded Will Lavender's first novel, Obedience just to see if Dominance was a fluke or not. But, I suspect it will be just as captivating as Dominance.


christa @ mental foodie said...

I read Obedience back in 2008. I don't remember much of the plot (didn't blog back then) but remember it was a fun read. I wish I'd blogged back then so I'd remember more!

Sounds like Dominance might be worth reading too.

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