Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(95)The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder

It seems like the "in" things for authors these days are to write their books in poetry form. Ellen Hopkins was the first author that I remember writing in prose, then recently Sonya Sones with The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus. And now Lisa Schroeder with The Day Before.

Amber's life is about to change in epic proportions. Tomorrow is the day she is to go live with her biological parents. Amber is one of those kids that you only read about in the news. She was switched at birth. And just like that her Mom is no longer her Mom and her Sister is no longer her Sister. Her Mom's "real" daughter died after an ugly battle with leukemia and now the Allen's want Amber. They fought it for as long as they could, but the Judge has decided. Amber will live six months with each family.

It is the day before she leaves. Amber has planned this day down to the last minute. What she did not plan was meeting Cade. A young man with his own story. Together the two of them spend their "last day" together and in the process they fall in love. Will this day truly be their "last day" or will it just be the beginning?

The best thing about these prose-style books is that you can just fly through them! But ultimately The Day Before is cheese at it's best. The story line itself screams drama and it continues through the whole book. BUT, I will say that I think it is the kind of drama that girls under the age of 16 will just EAT.UP. Grown women who have lived a day or two, not so much.


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I remember the carefree summer days when I used to ride my bike to the public library to pick out new books. I would go almost daily to find books to read. I read to learn. I read to explore the world. I read to escape. I read because not reading is not an option.

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