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Sunday, May 15, 2011

(66)Long Drive Home by Will Allison

Long Drive Home is a unique novel about a man in a unique situation. Glen Bauer was driving home with his daughter like thousands of nights before. But this night is unique. Not once, but twice, Bauer encounters aggressive drivers on the road. After handling the first encounter in a way that left him shaken, Glen handles the next encounter in a way that kills a young man and changes Glen's life forever.

But there are no witnesses except for his young daughter. Glen can just keep his mouth shut and he will walk away unscathed. But can he count on young Sara to keep a secret?

Long Drive Home is an unique look at a unique ethical dilemma. What Glen did was wrong, without a doubt, but the way he and his wife handled it, well it wasn't exactly right, but who am I to say? I am not sure what I would have done in his position.

Long Drive Home is a short, fast read. At just under 200 pages you will be able to whip through it fairly quickly. But even for a quick read, I see hours of book club discussion coming from such a unique read.


Sarah said...

It doesn't sound like something I'd normally be interested in, but now I wanna read it just to know exactly what he did! I like ethical dilemmas.