Monday, May 9, 2011

(61)Everything is Going to Be Okay by Bruce Eric Kaplan

It is that time of year! Everyone is hunting for the perfect graduation present. A bookstore has all sorts of great graduation presents. Dictionaries, jouranals, and of course, the ever popular, Oh The Place's You'll Go.

There is a new book on the Graduation gift scene. Everything is Going to Be Okay by Bruce Eric Kaplan is a wonderful little book about a man who has been invited to give a commencement speech. The problem is he has no idea what to talk about. With the speech looming will he be able to put together the inspiring speech that everyone is hoping for?

Everything is Going to Be Okay is a cute little book that will be a great gift for the graduate in your life. The message is simple. Everything will be okay. Even when it isn't. It is a message that will resonate with all of those graduates who are afraid of what is to come. Be sure to pick it up at bookstores everywhere tomorrow.


Lisa Mandina said...

Sounds like a book to help keep your spirits up. Very good for college graduates I would say.

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