Wordless Wednesday

Kansas City Public Library Parking Garage

Charlotte's Web of Books

I have been tangled in the web of words for a very long time. I remember being a child and riding my bike to the local library, only needing help getting home because I had checked out so many books.~~ My love of the written word has grown over the years. I recently left my dream job at Barnes & Noble to marry the man of my dreams. I am writing this blog to share with you the books I have read throughout the years. Please feel free to comment and discuss.


Sarah said...

WOW that's cool. I wish the outsides of more buildings looked like this!

Holli said...

How neat!!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

*Gulp* I lived in the KC metro for nearly ten years & never saw the KC Library, nor the parking garage. LOL -- One of my co-workers at B&N even had a FT job at the KC Library. *hangs my head in shame*

deals hyderabad said...

Looks very peaceful and clean.. liked it.. :)