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Thursday, April 28, 2011

(57) Save Me by Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline's new novel, Save Me, has taken the WWYD game to a whole new nightmarish level.

Rose McKenna is a lunch room volunteer at her daughter's new elementary school. It is early fall when their world literally explodes. After watching a young girl bully her daughter, the lunch room literally explodes. Rose has to decide, does she help the little girl who bullies her daughter or does she go find her daughter and save her from the flames. Her decision, right or wrong, goes on to haunt her. As she starts her own investigation, Rose starts to realize that the fire was the accident that everyone thought it was. Will she be able to prove her case before she is thrown to the wolves?

While I LIKED Save Me, I did not love Save Me. The author had such a huge opportunity to really generate discussions amongst readers everywhere. The last third of the book took a strange little turn that just seemed forced - it was like about 2/3 through the book she remembered it was supposed to be a mystery novel. It just felt forced. Should you skip the book? No - I think the "what would you do" scenario is enough to challenge your way of thinking and generate conversation in your book clubs, but lower your expectations for the ending.