(54)We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

There is something about young love that is enchanting and magical. But, as we find out with We'll Always Have Summer, the sentiment changes when you love the wrong person.

Isabelle "Belly" Conklin has only loved two men in her short life. Both of them have the last name, Fisher. First there was Conrad who broke up with her on their prom night. Then there was Jeremiah, Conrad's younger brother. Jeremiah and Belly started dating after high school and now as Belly's freshman year at college draws to a close, Jeremiah proposes. Is he truly the right Fisher brother for her? Will she make a mistake of epic porportion or will she truly find "happy ever after"?

We'll Always Have Summer is a tender young romance novel that will capture the hearts of romantics of all ages. The characters are young and wistful, yet steadfast in their love and loyalty. The novel is a fast read, it will take just one afternoon at the beach to breeze through this novel, but you will enjoy it, I promise you that!

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Eesti said...

I was so surprised with the ending!!! Throught the whole trilogy I moved from Con to Jere back and forth! I loved em both so I wasnt dissapointed with the ending at all!!! Great books loved em to death totally recommend!!