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Saturday, April 9, 2011

(47)The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry

Twenty-Six-year-old, Ginny Selvaggio has her world rocked when both of her parents are killed in a freak accident while they are on vacation. Ginny knows that her "personality" is a bit quirky and different than that of other people her age and because of that her family has sheltered her for far too long.

Ginny finds solace in cooking the recipes she finds amongst her parents things. It gives her something to focus on and it gives her a strong sense of accomplishment once she is finished. And then it gets weird. For as Ginny is cooking, the people who wrote the individual recipes start appearing to Ginny. She receives visits from her Grandmother, her Mother, and a menacing woman named Evangeline. Ginny knows that if she mentions these visits to her overbearing sister, she can kiss the last of her freedom good-bye. But, with the help of these ghosts and her new friend, David, will Ginny finally come to the realization that she no longer needs to be sheltered?

The Kitchen Daughter is a unique coming of age story. Jael McHenry has written this beautiful, lyrical story about a young woman brutally forced to grow up after the death of her parents. The transformation of Ginny was masterfully written. She went from the grief-stricken child hiding in the closet to this strong young woman willing to face her fears for a dear family friend. It was absolutely beautiful to witness. Jael McHenry has written a phenomenal story that is guaranteed to become a book club favorite. I can't wait to hear what others think, because I absolutely adored this book!