(44)The Baby Planner by Josie Brown

What is the most powerful clock on the planet? Well, it is is the biological clock of course. For millions of women that is the only clock that they live by. It is that way for Katie Johnson, too. She is 37 and her clock is ticking so loud she can't hear anything else. But her husband is adamant that there will be no children for them.

After her job is eliminated, an opportunity falls in her lap and she becomes The Baby Planner. She works closely with the wealthy mothers of her California community. Planning their nurseries, hosting showers, screening nannies, doing everything to make their pending deliveries easier. But in the process, her clock is ticking louder than ever. Will her desire for a baby destroy her marriage? Or will her husband give in and give her the one thing she so desperately wants.

Overall, I really liked this book, but for a good chunk in the middle I had a really hard time liking Katie. Her desperate need for a baby prompts her to do some less than desirable things. I am 35 and my clock is not ticking so loud right now, but I am safe in saying that I would NEVER do what Katie did.

The Baby Planner is a Chick Lit with a unique concept. Like I said, overall I enjoyed the book, and it's characters. I think anyone who has heard the tick of the biological clock will be able to relate to Katie and what she goes through, and will probably even understand why she did what she did.

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Lisa Mandina said...

I'm 38 and have been feeling my clock tick for a few years now. However I always have trouble reading "married" chick lit books as I find it hard to relate when I've never been and probably never will be marrried. But this sounds like the storyline might appeal to me.