Monday, March 28, 2011

(39)The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

Sarah Addison Allen has this unique quality that infuses a sense of the magical into every story she writes.

The Peach Keeper is Sarah Addison Allen's newest book with that magical quality. Set in Walls of Water, North Carolina, The Peach Keeper is about the everlasting bonds of friendship.

Agatha and Georgie were friends for decades. Their lives are forever entertwined by the events in 1936. Flash forward more than 70 years and Agatha and Georgie's granddaughters, Paxton and Willa, are struggling to make their way in life. They are brought together by the discovery of a body buried at the estate that was once in Willa's family and is now being restored by Paxton. Together Paxton and Willa put together the pieces of the past. Can they find true love in the process?

I really enjoyed The Peach Keeper. Willa and Paxton are both "lost" in their own right. As their friendship develops the past comes full circle. If you have enjoyed Sarah Addison Allen's books in the past you will most certainly enjoy The Peach Keeper. All of the same elements are there, making this a story that is guaranteed to warm your heart.


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