Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(22)Other Life by Ellen Meister

We have always wondered "What if" -- the tag line of this book is a perfect description --"What if you could return to the road not taken?" --- What if you could just step through a portal and step into your life if you had stayed with your ex-boyfriend?

Ellen Meister explores The Other Life of Quinn Braverman. She is happily married with one child, Isaac, and another child on the way, so you would think that she would be happy with her life, right? No, she still thinks of Eugene, her ex-boyfriend, the man she left for her husband. Every now and then she gets to climb through the portal to that life. And she is thrilled to do so, not only for Eugene, but in "The Other Life" her mother is still alive and she would give anything to see her mother one more time, but the portal is starting to close, which life will she be in when it finally does?

The concept of there being an "Other Life" is really quite fascinating. For Quinn the turning point was when she left Eugene for Lewis. I think my turning point was not finishing college. So what if in my "Other Life" I had finished college and moved to New York to work in publishing? I happen to love my life as it is, but even I can't help but wonder "What if..." If you had a parallel life, what do you think was your turning point? What do you think your "Other Life" is like?

I really enjoyed Ellen Meister's unique look at the "road not taken" it was uniquely thought provoking . I can see it being a book club favorite, the question this book is based on is one that will generate a lot of conversation. The Other Life is on sale tomorrow and can be purchased wherever books are sold.


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