Monday, February 7, 2011

(19)Separate Beds by Elizabeth Buchan

Times are tough everywhere. Elizabeth Buchan has made that abundantly clear in her new book, Separate Beds.

Annie & Tom are a couple that is holding their family together by a bare thread. Their oldest daughter, Mia walked out of their lives five years ago and they have been in Separate Beds ever since. Then Tom loses his job, their son Jake moves back into the house, and because of finances they have to pull Tom's mother out of her nursing home. Forcing Tom & Annie to share a bed, once again. Can Annie and Tom put their marriage back together while their family is on the verge of splintering apart?

Separate Beds is an intricately layered book full of family history that is unveiled to us chapter by chapter. Tom and Annie have basically been coasting through their marriage in the last five years. They have said things they can't take back and even their children wonder why they are still together. As they face a financial crisis that many of us can relate to, they try to piece their relationship back together.

Separate Beds was well written, even if the characters are a bit dense at times. It was a tale of woe that I think is the tale of many these days. Me, being the "happy ever after" kind of girl I am wanted to shake both Annie and Tom at times, but the history of their animosity goes back so much further than the pages of this book, that is obvious. The depth of that past makes this book seem so much more real. I enjoyed this book, but it was not the fluff I was looking for after my last book. I am definitely ready for some fluff now!


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