Saturday, January 22, 2011

(8)Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

So I had this major epiphany while reading Call Me Irresistible, Susan Elizabeth Phillips new novel. I am old. When I first started reading her novels, if memory serves me, twelve years ago, I looked at the "heroes" in her novels with somewhat of a hero-worship. Meaning, oh they were the elder, wiser men. The "hero" in Call Me Irresistible is 32 years old. *gulp* Three years younger than me.

Once I got past the realization that I am old, I really found myself enjoying Susan Elizabeth Phillips' new book. We got to see some old friends again. Like Jake & Fluer Koranda. And Francesca & Dallie Beaudine, among others. The eyes of the country have turned to Wynette, Texas. President Jorick's daughter, Lucy, is set to marry Ted Beaudine. When Meg Koranda shows up for the festivities, she can see her best friend, Lucy, is miserable. Marrying Wynette's golden boy would be the worst mistake. And before you know it, Lucy runs away, leaving Meg to face the disdain and anger of an entire town. What she did not expect was to fall in love. Both with Ted and Wynette.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is known for her strong female characters. They are funny, intelligent, tough and resourceful, and they always get the guy. I have enjoyed her novels for over ten years and I am thrilled that she has the staying power to capture my attention ten years later. I truly hope that we get to enjoy her novels for ten years more!


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