Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(4)Winter Bloom by Tara Heavey

I admit it, sometimes I buy a book because of the cover. I don't read reviews or even much of the synopsis. Some people consider it a cardinal sin, but I admit I am guilty of it. I saw the cover of Winter Bloom and saw the word "Ireland" in the synopsis and I added it to the cart.

Winter Bloom was not really what I expected. I bought it thinking it would be a really fluffy Irish Chick Lit, but it was really much heavier than I anticipated, but with a real upbeat ending.

Eva has suffered the worst loss imaginable. Her husband and infant daughter were killed in a car accident. Leaving her to raise their son, Liam alone, she is struggling with the weight of her life. One day Eva passes an overgrown garden in Dublin and she sees the potential to bring the garden, and herself back to life. She posts a community announcement hoping to get an army of volunteers. Instead two people show up. What she does not realize is that those two people need the healing power of gardening as much as she does. As they make progress in the garden, they make progress in their lives and form a bond that becomes a lifeline for all of them.

The characters of Winter Bloom are so complicated with several layers to their personalities. The author does an incredible job of taking us back in time to share with us what they each went through to get them there today. Their stories are painful to read. Uri's story had me in tears, it was a really powerful tale. Tara Heavey did a phenomenal job. This was the first book I had read of hers, but I assure you I will be looking for more!


Wingnut said...

Loved this book! Yet another great recommendation that I have to thank you for!

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