Saturday, January 8, 2011

(3) The Vitamin D Solution by Michael F Holick PH.D,MD

I knew virtually nothing about Vitamin D until just last year. My husband was hired as the computer nerd for a company that does health and wellness fairs. The company's big focus right now is Vitamin D. So when we moved to Casper last year, we both had our blood tested and what do you know we were vitamin D deficient. My husband was so low it didn't even register, and my levels were in the teens. That started my interest in vitamin D.

The Vitamin D Solution caught my eye because of that interest. I wanted to learn more. I had heard some random pieces of information and I wanted to see what Dr. Holick had to say. It was somewhat eyeopening. He even has a theory that the dinosaurs may have died out because of a vitamin D deficiency. But here are a few pieces of info for you that I did not know...

"A lack of Vitamin D will interfere with the appetite-suppressing hormone whose job it is to regulate your body weight. "

Well that could possibly explain a lot. LOL. I also learned that an obese person needs 2-3 times more the daily IU to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D.

"Vitamin D made in the skin lasts twice as long in the blood as Vitamin D ingested from the diet"

Ever since we got our blood tests back last winter, my husband & I take a vitamin D supplement. We tried several different kinds before committing ourselves to this one. Which is only $5 at Walmart. Given the above quote though, it is no wonder my husband's levels were so low. I mean he is a computer nerd night owl that used to go weeks without seeing the sun when he worked from home. But we live in Wyoming now, where summer is the best two weeks of the year, so even though we get outside more than we used to, we rely on supplements.

Finally, the following statistic hit home with me given my Aunt's passing from breast cancer this past year.
"Women who are deficient in vitamin D at the time they are diagnosed with breast cancer are nearly 75% more likely to die from the disease than women with sufficient vitamin D levels."
We even had a conversation about vitamin D during my last visit with her at the Hospice House. She had remarked that the doctors had been giving her vitamin D pills during her recent hospital stays. After reading this book, I am not surprised.

Vitamin D is such a critical part of our health, deficiencies of this vitamin has been linked to so many different health issues that it is vital we maintain healthy levels. And that is harder than I ever thought. Eating well and taking supplements is not going to cut it. What do you know, our mom's were right! Fresh air and sunlight are important to living a healthy life!


Lisa Mandina said...

Very interesting. I may have to check out that vitamin supplement.

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