Sunday, January 30, 2011

(12)The Bird House by Kelly Simmons

Annie Biddle is a Grandmother with secrets. She tries to hide the fact that she forgets dates and times from her son, Tom and his controlling wife, Tinsley. Annie knows that if they catch wind of her little missteps, they will prevent her from spending time with her eight year old granddaughter, Ellie.

Annie has more secrets than just her faulty memory. There is the truth about what happened to her daughter, Emma. There is also the truth about the real love her life. And it is only when Ellie enlists her help with a project that Annie realizes that keeping secrets is a long honored tradition passed down from generation to generation.

I enjoyed The Bird House. It was a well written family drama about relationships, secrets, and the impact they may have for generations to come. Annie is a wonderfully written character. The "fun Grandma" who gets great joy from spending time with her Granddaughter and will not let anyone stop her from spending time with her. It was also very satisfying to see Annie put her controlling Daughter-In-Law in her place. While a little dry in some places, overall, The Bird House was a good read.


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Charlotte --at first I could not figure out how to comment on your blog...LOL

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