Friday, December 24, 2010

(172)The Frugalista Files by Natalie McNeal

There are two New Year's Resolutions that millions of Americans make each year. To lose weight and to get out of debt. In January of 2008 Miami Herald journalist Natalie McNeal decided it was time to control her spending and in the process created the alter ego of "The Frugalista".

The Frugalista created a blog through her job at the Miami Herald to share with readers her journey of controlling her spending and get out of $20,000 in debt. The Frugalista Files is Natalie's journey in 2008. It was a fun journey to take with her as she explored cheaper ways to be fashionable & trendy in South Florida.

I am a devoted Dave Ramsey listener, even if I don't always follow his "teachings" I enjoy hearing his advice and listen daily while at work, so I didn't necessarily love this book for the financial tips, I loved it for watching the budding blogger turn her blog into a famous brand. As a blogger myself, it was inspiring for me to read how Natalie went from being a writer with a simple blog at the newspaper to a successful Blogger that gets a book deal and is regularly interviewed by CNN and other mainstream news organizations. Blogging has launched many a woman to fame & notoriety (The Pioneer Woman, Julie Powell, Jen Lancaster to name a few) and it was great to see a little more "behind the scenes" of how that happens.

I really enjoyed The Frugalista Files. Natalie McNeal took a risk in exposing her financial transgressions to the whole world, but it in the end it really paid off. (Pardon the silly pun). She learned a lot about herself in the process and I think there are a lot of women out there that can relate to her tales of financial woe. Natalie's fun and friendly personality shine through with every word she writes, making her blog (and book) seem more like a girlfriend sending you an email than a lecture about overspending.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who is going to try to get out of debt in 2011, I encourage you to check out The Frugalista Files. Natalie will give you the inspiration necessary to stay the course.


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