Sunday, September 19, 2010

(138) Tough Customer by Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown is another one of those authors that I used to read religiously 15-20 years ago. I read everything she had to write and some of her books I would read over and over.

It has been a few years since I read one of her books, because either my taste in books had improved, or her writing had declined. Tough Customer is her newest book. And it just proved my theory that her writing had declined. It wasn't a horrible book, but it was horribly predictable. The same type of characters that she has written all these years, the only difference was their names and the location.

Caroline's daughter, Berry, is in trouble. She has a dangerous stalker that is set on destroying her. Caroline does the only thing she can think of, she calls the one man who can help. Berry's father, Dodge, who left thirty years ago on the day Berry was born.

Well, I think that you can pretty much guess the rest of the book from that description alone. And you would probably be pretty accurate. I think Sandra Brown is another one of those authors that I am better off remembering with fond memories rather than reading current stuff and destroying those memories. Because of my recent experiences with two beloved authors from my past, the new Linda Howard book is going back to the library unopened. LOL.


Mary said...

Yes, it was predictable. Yes, it was like all her others but sometimes a bit of fluff is what we need to keep our minds off what's happening in the REAL world.

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