Monday, July 26, 2010

(113) 301 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Ideas by Inc Magazine

I have somewhat taken on a Marketing role at my new job. While we work for a nationally known insurance company, my boss signs my paychecks. All of his marketing is done in office and all of his advertising dollars comes out of his pocket.

We have a new auto product, essentially a new line of auto insurance, rolling out next month. My boss has left it to me to design a flyer to promote the roll out. Sometimes I have good ideas, sometimes I don't. So I pulled some books from the library to help with some inspiration.

301 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Ideas was a fast read with a lot of big ideas crammed into a little book. Unfortunately, most of those ideas are geared to businesses other than Insurance. I did jot down a few ideas, but for the most part they were geared towards more traditional businesses.