(91) Stay by Allie Larkin


The last couple of books I read were not really books that tickled my fancy. But Stay was an absolutely adorable book. I laughed out loud and my eyes leaked a little, too. I could relate to Van and the way she got a puppy dog to help her deal with a breaking heart. Although, I didn't buy my black puppy dog in a Vodka induced haze while watching a Rin Tin Tin marathon, I got my puppy dog to help ease the pain of a devastating break up.

Savannah "Van" Leone has always lived her life in the shadow of Jane and her family. Literally. Van lived in the carriage house and her mother was their maid. The situation didn't stop Van and Jane from becoming best friends, sisters really. No matter how much Van loves Jane it doesn't stop her heart from breaking when Jane marries the man Van has been in love with since college.

How is a girl to cope with such heartbreak? By getting a puppy dog of course! In the blink of an eye, Van's whole world has changed. Joe, the Slovakian German Shepherd changes Van's life. And forces an introduction to his vet, the handsome Alex. Between Alex & Joe they keep Van's mind off of the love of her life on his honeymoon. It is not long before the title of "love of her life" is awarded to the new man in her life. But does it go to Joe or Alex?

I loved the premise of this book from the first synopsis I read, because that is exactly how my puppy dog came to be a part of my life. I think there is a little bit of Van in every woman out there. Insecure about her place in the world, but longing to be accepted and loved for who she is. The author captures the unconditional love and acceptance of a dog with such precision, I found myself nodding in agreement (or approval) several times throughout the novel.

Allie Larkin has written an achingly sweet novel that shows us that unconditional love can be found in the most unexpected places. Savannah Leone is a character that worms her way into your heart, much like a puppy dog does, and you just want her to be happy. You cry when she cries, you laugh when she laughs, and you cheer when she takes the initiative to go after what she wants, no matter how much it scares her.

Stay is another "Lend Me" book for the Barnes & Noble nook. I will be happy to lend it to the first person who posts their email in the comments. I won't be able to respond until after work, but I promise you could be reading this adorable novel by bedtime.

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Wingnut said...

Charlotte: I use the B&N eReader on my Blackberry. I *think* we can share. If you find we can...I'd LOVE to read this one :)

Lisa Mandina said...

While I didn't get Sydney for that reason, I still think the book sounds great!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Wingnut, I sent you a Peamail.

Lisa, this book would be RIGHT up your alley!

Shon said...

I'm glad to hear this was such a good book. I'm on the wait list at the library.

Diane said...

sounds like a great story; glad u enjoyed it!

TMTCO said...

Sounds great! I always enjoy your reviews! I'm adding this one to my list!