Friday, April 23, 2010

(75) Restoring Grace by Katie Fforde

Restoring Grace was the first book by Katie Fforde that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ms. Fforde wrote a charming novel set in a quiet England village. Her main characters, Grace, Ellie & Remi are all charming, sweet characters that have noticeable personal growth. Some of the peripheral characters are written in such a way that I wanted to reach through the pages and kick her butt (Allegra, I *am* talking about you).

Grace is a newly divorced woman living in a big ancestral home in England. Her rooms are sparsely furnished because the furnishings that came with the house were left to her sister and her ex took everything else. A young pregnant woman enters her life and soon she is saying and doing things she never thought she would do. Like standing up to her overbearing sister, Allegra. It doesn't take Grace long to discover that home is more than the four walls that shelter you, it is the people within those four walls that make it home.

I am a big fan of authors from across the pond. Harriet Evans, Jill Mansell, & even Jane Green are among my favorite British authors, now I need to add Katie Ffored as an author I need to keep my eyes on! Her writing is fun, yet intelligent and something that I very much enjoyed.


Mimi said...

Is she related to Jasper, write of the Thursday Next books?

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

According to Wiki they are cousins.

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