Sunday, April 11, 2010

(66) Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline

The good twin/bad twin story is one as old as time. Only Lisa Scottoline can make it a fast paced suspense thriller that can be read in only a matter of hours.

Think Twice is the tale of two sisters. Bennie is a successful lawyer and Alice is her twin who is shady at best. Although they are identical twins, they were raised by two different families. To cover her own trail of trouble Alice decides to bury Benny alive and take over her life. What she did not expect was that Bennie would not go quietly.

Think Twice is a fast paced novel. Comprised of very short chapters, that make the story fly by at record speeds. I don't think that Think Twice is the best that Lisa Scottoline has ever done, but it certainly wasn't the worst book I have ever read. If you had to choose between Think Twice and Harlan Coben's Caught, I would go with Caught. It was just a little more of an "on the edge" type of book. But if your choices were Joy Fielding's The Wild Zone or Think Twice. Definitely go with Lisa Scottoline.


angie128 said...

I've not read anything by Lisa Scottoline, but am intrigued. I may check her out. I do LOVE Harlan Coben.

And have never read anything by Greg Iles. A gal at the bookstore recommended him yesterday. And John Hart. Read him?

Sara Bell said...

I just finished this one. Felt a little soap-opera-y but otherwise I really liked it. This is second book of hers I've read and I think I'll keep going. =]

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