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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

(61) The Swimming Pool by Holly Lecraw

The Beach Reading Season has officially begun. My first beach read was The Swimming Pool by Holly Lecraw.

I love books set on Cape Cod. The whole relaxed beach scene is very appealing to me. The Swimming Pool is not quite that kind of book. There is a lot of tension and unhappiness in this book. It was just not very appealing to me. I had a hard time feeling any kind of empathy for Marcella or Anthony. Yet, I read the whole book just to see where it was going to end.

Let me give you a brief synopsis. Seven years have passed since Marcella had an affair with Cecil McClatchey. Seven years since Cecil's wife was brutally murdered. Marcella's own marriage ended after that summer and since then she has been living in isolation. Trying to atone for her sins. Another summer has arrived and the McClatchey's are still looking for answers. When Jed McClatchey crosses paths with Marcella, the results are not what you would expect.

Like I said, I did not really care for the characters or where the story went, but I finished the book. Now I wish I had stopped reading and moved onto something else.