Thursday, February 18, 2010

(20) The Language of Secrets by Dianne Dixon - On Sale March 23

The Language of Secrets had a unique, albeit at times confusing, plot. It has all of the components of something right out of daytime television. Betrayal, mystery & a wealthy, overbearing Father-In-Law.

I bet you are curious about the plot, right? Well the story is about Thomas Justin Fischer. Justin is moving back to the states with his wife & son after living in London for more than ten years. His wife encourages him to look up his estranged family, for the sake of their son.

He tracks down his childhood home to find it has sold. His questions lead him to the cemetery, where he finds the tombstones belonging to his parents. As well as his own tombstone. Stating that he died when he was four years old.

The story alternates narrators between Justin trying to find out the truth of his past and Justin's mother, telling her side of the story, so to speak. There is enough mystery, or confusion, depending on how you look at it, to keep you turning the pages, but the writing and character development falls short of being "wonderful".

It all was explained in the end, but the last page was frankly unnecessary. Granted, this is an advanced copy & they may decide to do away with the last page for the actual print run, frankly I hope they do. I think in this case, the reader has already figured out the truth, and that last page is out of place and just an insult to the readers intelligence.

Overall, the book was just "meh". If I had to rate it one to ten, I think it would get a four. It was good, but just not good enough to have me talking about it on the streets. So, read it, but read it at your own risk.


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