Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(3) Marriage and Other Acts Of Charity by Kate Braestrup

I want to be Kate Braestrup's friend. At the very least I want to sit at her feet and listen to her talk for hours upon end. Her kindness, her compassion, her humanity resonates through every word of her new book, Marriage, and Other Acts of Charity. Which, by the way, is the perfect book for Newlyweds to read.

In Kate's (yes, I feel comfortable enough to call the author by her first name) first book, Here If You Need Me you get to see her inner strength as she talks about her journey after the death of her husband, Drew. The journey that takes her to Ministry, and eventually the Maine Wardens.

In her second book, Kate explores her relationship with Drew, her second husband, Simon, and the man she dated in between. She talks about presiding over the marriage of one of the Warden's and she talks about walking with another warden as he and his wife go through a divorce.

As Kate shares her observations about marriage, divorce, and relationships, she shares this simple pieces of advice to help get through the bad times. This piece of wisdom helps her to calm her temper or ease her fears or put things in perspective. The piece of wisdom we should all live by.

"Nothing matters more than _______________."

Fill in the blank. If the word you fill the blank with is anything other than love, than you need to reevaluate your values. My words, not Kate's. But aren't they awesome words to live by?

Marriage And Other Acts of Charity is a fabulous book. Well written, compassionate, humorous, intelligent, loving, and most of all realistic. One thing I took away, is that even if you do marry the love of your life, it will not always be easy. But as long as you remember that NOTHING matters more than love you will make it through just fine.

Thanks, Kate, this book was the perfect book to start out my new marriage reading. Now if only I can get my husband to read the book....


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