Saturday, December 26, 2009

(98) The Nanny Returns by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Krause

First of all, let me state that I am typing this from the snowbanks of my parents house in Iowa. The drifts are almost as tall as my car and their computer is as slow as the drivers trying to navigate the snow covered streets.

The beauty of the Christmas Blizzard of 09 is that I was smart enough to pack five books. With my wedding & cross country move less than a week away, I am currently unemployed. So I can snuggle in with my hot tea & stack of books. And forget about the marathon packing that awaits me in Kansas City.

I actually finished The Nanny Returns on Christmas Eve, but didn't want to wait for the line of siblings waiting to use the computer. The have all shoveled out and have started off for their respective homes, I, being the chicken shit I am, have decided to give it another day.

The Nanny Returns was an interesting read, just from the stand point of that Chick-Lit sequels don't happen very often. Many times, as a Chick Lit connoisseur, I have wondered what happens in the "happily ever after". Here it is twelve years later and we get to find out what has happened to Grayer X after his beloved nanny was ripped from his side. And frankly, it isn't pretty.

Nan & her Harvard Hottie have returned to NYC after living abroad for Ryan's job. They are in the process of rehabbing a Harlem townhome and Nan has been just been offered an HR job for a prestigious private school. One night she is shocked to find Grayer X drunk on her doorstep. He has found the infamous Nanny-Cam tape and has come to her for answers. He is sixteen years old, he has an eight year old brother, Stilton and his parents have started divorce proceedings. His world is falling apart & his only concern is protecting his brother.

Nan, again, finds herself caught up in the world that she disdains. The extreme wealth and entitlement that runs rampant amongst the world of the X's is disheartening at best. Will Nan be able to show them the error of their ways before it destroys the lives of two boys she has come to care for?

Nanny Returns is a bit predictable nothing has really changed in Grayer's world and frankly that is a bit disappointing. Nan has grown up, she doesn't allow the X's or anyone else to run right over her, like she did twelve years ago. It was neat to be able to see a "where are they now" of characters we "met" many years ago, but as far as Chick Lit goes, Nanny Returns is not the best there is, but still worth the read on a cold snowy night.


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