Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jim Brickman - It's A Beautiful World

One of the perks of my job is that every now and then REALLY cool things happen. After I got back from Casper last week, I was met by my Community Relations Manager with "Guess What!! Guess What!! Jim Brickman (warning - music will play if you click link) is coming!!" I literally started jumping up and down and squealed like a little schoolgirl. Ask her. She will tell you! Star 102.1 was bringing Jim Brickman to Kansas City for a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser and they wanted to have it at our store. In one week. OKAY! If anyone can pull it off in a week, it is Sherry Polito.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Brickman, let me introduce you to him. He is this amazingly talented musician that I have loved ever since I was introduced to him at work through an "In Store Play". In our store you

will find his CD's in the New Age section, but I would consider it more "easy listening". During his Q&A session with the customers, he mentioned that you will never hear him sing about break ups. His music is meant to be more upbeat & uplifting. Like the title song of his new album.

Prior to Jim Brickman singing, the man who did the vocals on A Beautiful World, Adam Crossley also sang a few songs. He has a new album due out next month, and I think he is one to watch. He sung Fields of Gold, and let me tell you, he sung it better than Sting did. And I am a HUGE Sting fan. Not only does he have a voice of silk, but he is absolutely stinking adorable. My first impression of him was him putting hot pink shoelaces in his shoes in order to complete his Breast Cancer Awareness ensemble.

Both men were absolutely fabulous. Kind, funny, & generous. I would be thrilled to see them in concert again, whether it be in our solarium or the Sprint center. Count me in.

Here are more photos from the day.


Wingnut said...

Get out! ::::elaine shove:::::

I love Jim Brickman! I'm totally jealous!

Shon said...

I HEART Jim Brickman!! I'm so envious of you!!! Not only did you meet him... you took a picture with him!!!

I can only dream...

Charlotte's Web of Books said...


I joke at my job that meeting authors is akin to meeting rock stars.

This time I got to meet a REAL (soft) ROCK STAR!

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