Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recycle Your Books!

Bibliophiles are just as obsessive about their books as sports fans are about their teams. There is all sorts of paraphernalia that can be purchased to decorate their house with to show the world their love for books. And I am not just talking about the obvious, books and bookshelves.

The more creative displays out there include a bar, a chair, a safe, and a bookshelf. They are fascinating to see and I admit to be jealous of their creativity. I could SOOOO do this in my house, Lord knows that I have plenty of books.

What do you think? Would you decorate your house with one of these items?


Brandie said...

I love these! I would love a bar made out of books. But I'd have a hard time using the books I I'd have to buy duplicates :) So cool!

Web Design Philippines said...

What a nice idea! I had a lot of old books that i have not been using for a long time now. This is great!

Altius Directory said...

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