Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!

Yay! FINALLY one of Terry's books that I may actually read! No offense to Sword of Truth fans. If anyone in the family has already read it, please let me know how it was! I will be reading it in the very near future, but I would love to hear reviews.

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Kalanna said...

is Terry escaping the fantasy genre with this book? why will you read this one and not the others? just curious. i haven't read sword of truth. i'm too burnt from trying to keep up with robert jordan's neverending book series. lol

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Well, from the reviews I have read, there is a slight sci-fi element to his new books, but it is more of a suspense/thriller.

I have a family connection with Terry. His wife is my Step-Aunt. I read the first couple of his books when they first came out, but I could not stay with the series, it is just not my genre. (But I do have almost all of the books!)

But he has millions of devoted fans and the Sword of Truth of series was translated to television with the Legend of the Seeker series that is in syndication. You can catch an episode to see if you would like to read the series.

Turtle Taylor said...

Oooh - I'm looking forward to reading Phillipa Gregory's book!

Wingnut said...

Just finished "The White Queen" - loved this book. Philippa Gregory has a way of writing that makes me want to keep reading and reading, well past when I should stop and do other things, like sleep!

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