Monday, August 3, 2009

(64) Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

I liked Addie Downs from the first moment I met her. She reminds me a little bit of me. Her homebody tendencies, her success at massive weight loss, her devotion to her brother. She is the kind of woman that I WOULD be best friends with.

So I was a little bit surprised when I met her childhood best friend, Valerie. They are complete opposites, as many best friends are, but even fifteen years later, their differences are still so great it is almost incomprehensible that they ever had anything in common.

On the night of their class reunion, Addie is shocked to open her door to find Valerie there, covered in blood. It has been fifteen years since they saw each other, yet Addie is the one Valerie turns to when she finds herself in trouble. Addie soon finds herself sucked back into the chaos that surrounds her once best friend. Will she allow Valerie to disrupt her life once again? Will Valerie be able to make up for all of the hurt she caused all of those years ago? And will Addie be able to forgive her?

While the book is called Best Friends Forever, I really question the title. Long lost friends, maybe. But fifteen years and a whole lot of pain makes the phrase "Best Friends Forever" really questionable. The book flashes around a bit, giving the back story of all of the key characters. Including the chief of police, Jordan Novick. The back story is crucial to understanding how all of the pieces fit together. And it really just makes me like Addie even more. I am thrilled with how the book ended. Thrilled. It gives me hope that "happy ever afters" may really happen.

I almost didn't read Best Friends Forever because I was not all that thrilled with Certain Girls. But I am so glad that I didn't let this sit on the shelf. I really enjoyed meeting Addie, and I think you will too, I hope that we get to see her again in the future.


Mimi said...

I've never read Jennifer Weiner, but this sounds good, thanks!

Shon said...

Good review. I plan to start this book sometime this week. This will be my first book by this author.

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