Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did Not Finish

I tried. I really, really tried. A lady at work, for whom I respect & strive to have her literary taste recommended this book. So, in an effort to be more like Jo, I tried to read this book.

After three days and 78 pages, I am sitting here trying to force myself to pick the book up to read it. As we all know, that is never a good sign. You should NEVER feel forced to read a book, well unless of course it is for school.

Has anyone else had a "Did Not Finish" recently?


Brandie said...

i hated this book. i tried it too, and didn't make it far at all.

Mimi said...

It's hard for me to DNF a book, but I actually just gave up on a classic, "Frederica" by Georgette Heyer.

Like you, I realized I wasn't looking forward to picking it up, and I figured, "why bother?"

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