Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(61) Undone by Karin Slaughter

I love love love LOVE a good, gritty, suspenseful mystery. My DVR reflects that with the hours & hours of NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds and other crime dramas that I watch. Unfortunately with it being Summer Hiatus, I have to settle for reruns. And what fun are reruns. I already know "whodunit". Thank God for Karin Slaughter.

Karin Slaughter's new book, Undone, is by far grittier than anything you will find on network television. We meet up again with Will Trent & his partner, Faith Mitchell at the emergency room where they go after Faith passes out. While waiting for the doctor a woman is brought in with trauma so graphic that I can't begin to mention it here. Of course Will & Faith jump on the case.

They find another victim and soon two more women are missing. They start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. How the women are connected, why the monster is targeting these specific women. But who is the monster? They have pretty much figured out that it is a brother of the victim, but who is he? What name is he hiding behind? Is it one of the creepy men that were part of the car accident? Is it the son of the other car accident victims? Is it someone they have yet to encounter?

Undone is a fast paced crime novel that will haunt you. It is so gritty & graphic that it might not be for everyone. So be warned, if you can't handle Criminal Minds, Undone will turn your stomach. But for those of you that miss your gritty crime dramas during the long summer hiatus, pick up Undone it will satisfy your hunger for what you are missing and hold you over until the fall television season.


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