Friday, May 1, 2009

(35) The Glamorous (Double) Life of Isabel Bookbinder by Holly McQueen

Well. I didn't *Hate* this book. But there is no way a "Chick Lit" book should take me a week to read. I stuck with it though, because I wanted to see how the author wrapped things up without making Isabel Bookbinder seem like even more of a twit than she already does.

Isabel Bookbinder is twenty-seven years old working in the publishing industry, but not as an Assistant Editor, like her father believes, but she measures the space around the columns to ensure that everything fits properly.

But have no fear, Isabel is going to write a book & become a world class novelists. And become rich & show her arch enemy, Gina, who really is the best.

Sounds like the premise for a good book, right? Not really. Because Isabel Bookbinder is a twit. She gets herself into stupid situations that makes Becky Bloomwood look like a Rhodes Scholar. You think I am joking? Read the book. You will see I am not joking.

I am sorry, Ms McQueen, but Isabel Bookbinder is the kind of woman that I would strangle, slap, or just flat out beat her ass, for continuing to be so clueless about what is going on around her. It is just downright scary to think that there are really women out there this stupid.

Oh wait, it is fiction!

There really can't be women out there who think the most important thing about writing a book is looking good?

It is fiction, right?


Hooptee said...

ugh, thanks for the warning!

Lisa Mandina said...

Hmm, I did want to read this one.

Anonymous said...

I loved this: "that makes Becky Bloomwood look like a Rhodes Scholar."

Having recently read the first of the Shopaholic series Becky Bloomwood is still a painful memory...

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